The Importance of Dog Kennels

If you are a dog owner, or if you are seriously considering to get a four-legged companion, you must have considered the option of a dog kennel.
Many pet owners are against the idea of kennels, thinking that it would be a restricting factor to their dog’s daily life. But nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, kennels provide the dog with a sense of security and comfort, as well as with their very own “room” in the house. Thus, the dog gets both a sense of belonging, but also an appropriate view of his place in the pack / family.
The kennel will help tremendously with your dog’s training and proper raising, as long as you follow some simple steps:

• Choose the right kennel: pick wisely according to size. If your dog is still young or a puppy, shop considering its expected adult size.
• Make it a “happy place”: lay fluffy blankets and/or towels with your scent on them to help your dog relax and stay comforted. Add a few toys and accessories to keep your friend happy and occupied.
• Go slow: Don’t leave your dog alone in the kennel for long at first. You will gradually build to that amount of time.
At W&P we create beautiful homes for dogs that are beautiful additions to your home, as well. Enjoy the high quality and functionality of a handmade, patented creation, while offering your pet its very own home!

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