Little Cat Kingdoms by Art Kennels®

  • As both the rulers of the internet and our lives, cats get to play, enjoy glorious pedicures and relax in luxurious condos.
    Art Kennels® product line for cats is designed according to our fluffy friends’ daily demands. They offer both fun and comfort with solid wooden box condos, special cat scratchers made by natural material and soft, furry loungers.
    Our “Fluffy” Kitty Fun Box is ideal both for you and your cat, since the hard coconut scratching material is natural and pet-friendly, while it makes much less mess than its cheap, artificial counterparts in the market.
    In case you are a proud owner of more than one felines, we recommend our Kitty Fun double Box 'Fluffy'.
  • A three-storey condo with two little houses and a fluffy lounger on top, that is certain to make 2-3 kitties very happy!
    In case your cat is an “only-child”, or you need to accommodate another one, Kitty Bed 'Billy' is the best option for a true cat lover. It combines comfort and anatomical support for your cat with tasteful design. It is handcrafted out of solid wood and is built to accommodate our specially designed anatomic pads with a fully removable waterproof inner cover.
    Art Kennels® creations for cats are designed to cater to every Cat-Lover’s need and the ones of their precious friend!
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